Why industry? And why industrial capex?

July 20, 2021
2 min read

As technology advances, the potential for improved performance also increases. 

The digital revolution is in full swing, providing relief for the complexities facing industrials: volatile markets, rapid tech cycles, and environmental changes. 

But European manufacturing has yet to explore the full potential of these new technologies. As a result, Europe finds itself in a critical position. In the next 10 years, European manufacturing must turn around its current decline, or become irrelevant on the world stage.

For industrial capex, this technological gap is particularly acute. During the dozens of interviews we conducted with factories, Vertical found the operational, finance, and corporate capex stakeholders struggled to coordinate their interests. 

This disconnect is a direct result of the inadequate and outdated tools industrials use to manage the trillions of dollars spent on capex each year.

We at Vertical won’t settle for factories in which industrials cannot visualize, control, or link the operational and financial status of their investment projects. We won’t settle for factories in which outdated technologies impede historial learning, where industrials cannot even imagine digitalization because they don’t know how or where to even begin.

That’s why we, at Vertical, set out to empower capex stakeholders with a tailor-made solution.

No centralized information source? Vertical is your single source of truth. We provide the relevant data so you can make an enlightened decision in key moments.. 

Missing opportunities because of slow execution? Vertical has a virtual assistant to optimize project delivery. 

Struggling to create a data-driven strategy? Vertical provides insights into historical performance, so industrials can learn from their past to create a better future. 

These are just a few of the ways Vertical transforms the promise of the digital revolution into a reality for capex management. All in pursuit of our goal: helping European factories once again become the places where the brightest minds of our generations create solutions for the crazy challenges the world throws at us.

Ready to transform your capex management? Contact us.

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